From the hopeful bud, to the intricacy of the decaying bloom....we're in love with botanicals in all phases of their beautiful lives.

I dream (obsess?) about botanicals and I can't stroll anywhere without mentally composing an arrangement from the leaves, branches and flowers I pass.

We love uncommon flowers and foliage and we're smitten with the slow flower movement. In front yards and backyards and small plots around us, hardworking, passionate people are growing organic blooms, because it makes their hearts sing. On a very small scale (for now, anyway!) I'm "slow growing" too.

We aim to have arrangements ready all the days, but encourage you to phone or email us first to make sure. 

We welcome pre-books and event inquiries.

Image is a samples only, actual arrangements will vary based on what's seasonal, ethical, and available.

Top wedding photo by: Christine Pienaar