Light + Paper Ornament Set in Cruiser x Road


Sorry, sold out

These are basically the most Vancouver-appropriate holiday ornaments ever. Maybe next year they'll make bike lanes!

... Alright but in all seriousness, these are the sweetest wooden ornaments from Toronto-based Light + Paper. We're so excited by these, and we're sure you'll love them too.

  • Set of 2 lasercut holiday ornaments.
  • Comes with red and white string to hang.
  • Ornaments are cut from 1/8" birch wood.
  • Each individual ornament measures an approximate range of 2.5-4 inches. 

All Light and Paper designs begin with an original illustration, which is hand-cut with an x-acto knife. They then scan the papercut design and convert it to be lasercut. All items are handmade in Toronto, Canada.