2017 marks our 13th year in the Cove. It's true, time flies.

I guess Room6 has always been an extension of me (Hi! I'm Megan). I've been really fortunate to set up shop in a place I love and cross paths with so many amazing people over the years.

Our product mix, holes in the drywall, fixtures and window displays are always changing, but our mission to curate "Special Things for Nice People" - has always remained.

We seek out "special things" with a story that are made to last, sustainable and focus on goods that are locally designed and handmade. We use minimal and recyclable packaging, source seasonal & sustainable flowers (and always compost), use recycled metals in many of our jewelry offerings and are lucky to collaborate with nice folks who share our passion. 

2016 served as a wake up call and it's been incredibly inspiring to see how our small (but mighty!) community of makers is looking even closer at how they can reduce their impact on our fragile climate. I looked closer too, and in 2017, launched a not-for-profit called The Hellebore Society. 100% of proceeds from The Hellebore Society Art Project are donated to organizations helping shape the world in a new, better way.

I wouldn't have this gig without the amazing support of community and friends and for that, give yourselves a big hug. You're awesome. 

xox, Megan