Hope y'all had great summers and are happily settling into Fall. I love the change of seasons and after a frenetic summer in the Cove, I've been longing for quieter days.

Between the craziness in the world and the craziness in the Cove, I took a step back and decided to make some big changes recently and I'd I thought I'd update anyone who's interested!

Here goes...

In February, I launched a not-for-profit called The Hellebore Society. I feel very strongly that we all need to step up and speak out for people & the planet...and just generally be better global citizens. That means recognizing our privilege, educating ourselves (and others) and talking about difficult subjects that really matter. It means less time swiping and more time marching. Thanks to local artists Olivia Harrison and Maggie Boyd for their efforts on behalf of rescue.org and 350.org respectively. You can buy THS t-shirts (100% proceeds donated to the IRC and 350.org) here

In May of this year, Rich and I sold A'hoy back to our original business partners. Running three shops was sorta crazy (who knew?!) - it's all good and we're happy to have A'hoy as our neighbour now. Thank you to everyone who supported us with that venture from the beginning.

Rich and I took over ownership of Sunnyside in May too, with the idea that it would evolve as a business. We weren't sure exactly what that evolution would look like, but we knew some big changes were ahead. On October 6, we're closing Sunnyside so we can dig in and get a move on other projects.

I'd like to thank the talented artists & makers that made our shelves so beautiful, our customers for supporting our small business and our staff for their dedication and hard work.

We're moving many of the Sunnyside collections you (and we!) love back to Room6. Plants and flowers will finally get to hang together in one space and soon we're going to have flowers and plants all the days, not just Fridays. 

We're saying yes to styling and floral design projects. Need a comedy/florist duo? Krista and I have been refining our act and Sabby dreams of delivering flowers on her bike.

We'll have a dedicated crew on our web shop too! Thank you, thank you for all your patience with our infrequently updated website.

We're launching an all-new, in-house collection of soaps, candles, organic teas, linens and more (hopefully in time for the holidays, but no promises on that timeline haha...). Many of these ideas and products have been in the making for over a decade, and I'm really excited to bring this new brand to life.

The most exciting part of this evolution is bringing our talented, capable and kind shop team together in one space. I'd be nowhere without my crew and who wouldn't want to work with mermaids!? Also, have you been to Deep Cove in the summer? It takes me like, 10 minutes to cross the street and I was never very good at Frogger.

So here we are, back to one little shop and I couldn't be more excited.

Thanks so much for your continued support, I wouldn't be here without ya!


September 29, 2017 by Room6 Deep Cove

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