Sent this to IKEA today...cuz I like the Ocean.

Dear IKEA,

I appreciate your conversation regarding "Zero Waste" and the importance of a "Circular Economy." These are some inspiring quotes I've just pulled from your website:

"Imagine a zero-waste world." - IKEA 

"Rather than thinking cradle to grave, we need to think cradle to cradle."
-Anna Granath, Product Developer, IKEA of Sweden

”What we do has a big impact on the environment because IKEA works with large quantities." -IKEA

I'm working on a plastic free initiative in my small seaside community in Canada, beginning with eliminating plastic straws. As you know - plastic, in particular single-use plastic packaging, is killing our planet.

A friend forwarded me your April 22-30 Sustainability Challenge and I thought, "what a great opportunity for IKEA to walk the walk and immediately and permanently cease the production, marketing and sale of single-use plastic straws. I don't know if IKEA uses plastic straws in the in-store food environment, but if so, there are alternatives (like paper straws, available only by customer request) that could easily be substituted. Perhaps you already do this, if so, high five!

Straws cannot be recycled in most of Canada (and the rest of the world.) They will be sent to landfill and many will end up in the ocean. 

I don't have to tell you that plastics are killing the ocean. Or that sea animals are mistaking plastic for food, filling their stomachs with it, and dying of starvation. Or that micro plastics are entering the human food stream.

I'm fighting for a plastic free community. Seeing a large corporation like IKEA selling single-use plastic straws (which very purpose is to be used for a few minutes and discarded), is appalling. It makes my job harder and it's already hard enough to change human behaviour.

Ikea sells "SODA" Polypropylene plastic straws for $1.49 CAD for 200 straws and "SÖTVATTEN" (which are apparently "new" ?) Polypropylene plastic straws  for $1.99 CAD for 100 straws.

Surely the life of a sea animal (and the survival of our planet) is worth more than 0.00745 cents (the retail price for one "SODA" straw)?

IKEA could use its "circular economy" philosophy and upcycle the worldwide stock of IKEA plastic straws into something far more sustainable. We must move away from single-use plastic products with a great sense of urgency.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

Megan Curren

April 06, 2018 by Room6 Deep Cove

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