Pyrrha Soul Mates.  This handcrafted talisman necklace features a heart, which is a symbol of charity, devotion and truth, while the birds represent the heavens. They are tied together by a laurel wreath which is symbolic of an eternal bond.

Pyrrha Heart Print. This French talisman necklace reads 'Vous Y Etes Empreinte', or 'You are Imprinted on my Heart'. This references the eternal nature of love, while the heart represents sincerity and devotion.

We've had Andrea Waines since day one, over 10 years ago! Her Heart Bracelet has become a classic and this particular quote is soooooo sweet...."If I know love it is because of you." Each piece is hand-stamped right here in North Vancouver. $112

Pyrrha Rare Birds Talisman. This French talisman depicts two lovebirds and reads "Unique Quoique Deux' which means 'Unique Though Two'. This represents two unusual types who have found each other.  $158

Pre-book some special flowers for your Valentine, or drop by on Friday or Saturday to hand-pick one from our collection. We've got some amazing blooms coming in this week!

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February 10, 2015 by Room6 Deep Cove

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