I'm head over heels for Heather's new work. This is technically a canister, but it's oh-so-lovely with fresh flowers don't ya think? 

Last week was the craziest week ever 'round here. There was a TV pilot being shot in Deep Cove and our entire "downtown strip" was turned into someplace in middle America. There were American flags. There was corn on the cob. There were clowns*, fireworks and a giant pig.

We were moving from our temporary digs into our beautiful new store in between takes. I was standing on scaffolding trying to screw the clothing racks into ceiling joists in between takes. Have you ever tried to find ceiling joists? I don't know about you, but our stud finder just beeped the entire time. So far so good.

Anyhoo...the big exciting news is that we're getting settled back into our old stomping ground and I'm in love with our new space. One day soon, I'll be posting some before, during and after pics. xox

*Clowns are scary. 

March 17, 2014 by megan curren

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