We are soooo close to our big move back into our old (but newly renovated) space. Sorry for the lack of website updates, this move has gotten the better of me. We have so many lovely new arrivals, can't wait to show them all off!

PS: If you were planning a visit this week, there's quite a bit of filming happening and Gallant will be closed to vehicle ( but not pedestrian) traffic on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Also, many of you have been excited by the new book store in the Cove. Unfortunately, it's just a TV set for a pilot that's being filmed here tomorrow. Would be lovely to have a book shop in our little Cove though, huh?

Thank you to everyone who came by this weekend and left with some beautiful fresh flowers. Truly a dream come true for me. xox

March 09, 2014 by megan curren

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